The Autonomous Shipboard Cleaning System – Hardware Design

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The Autonomous Shipboard Cleaning System (ASCS) was developed based on a Navy DoD grant, designed and built by Man Made Machines. In this first post on the ASCS I want to show the hardware design of this industrial/commercial grade cleaning… Continue Reading →

Linux Kernel PWM Driver with SYSFS

Intro In this post I presented a Linux kernel module that drives a GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pi as a PWM pin. That version allowed the user to change dutycycle and frequency of the PWM pulses by writing into… Continue Reading →

PWM Driver built on Threads in Linux Kernel Module  on Raspberry Pi

Intro This short post is an extension to my earlier post . If you read that post you will have noticed that the calculations of <b>tusec_On </b> and <b>tusec_Off</b>, which or the on- and off times of the PWM dutycycle, were… Continue Reading →

Bit Banging PWM Driver using a Kernel Module on Raspberry Pi

Intro In this post I am presenting the code for a linux kernel module that makes a GPIO pin of the Raspberry Pi act as a PWM pin using simple bit banging. The module is running in the Raspbian linux… Continue Reading →

Concurrent C++ OpenCV Video Streaming

Intro The goal here is to have in C++ multiple threads running, with each doing only one (or few) image processing functions and get in this way high framerates combined with a large image size. The reading of a frame… Continue Reading →

Add Cooling to your IoT System

In this short post I want to show how to add a cooling fan to your Raspberry Pi controlled IoT system. Certainly first step to keeping your processor cool is to allow for sufficient heat exchange using a heat-sink – also… Continue Reading →

Control of your Appliances and IoT Devices at your Fingertips with Flask

IoT Browser Control This post is as an extension to my earlier post The here presented code can generally be used to remotely control and configure any IoT (internet-of-things) device or even appliance, which is in the range of your… Continue Reading →

Making sure a Program keeps on Running on Raspberry Pi

In this short post I would like to just write some useful notes I collected and tested of how to make sure a program keeps on running. I had this kind of ‘problem’ with my home-surveillance, which seemed to ‘crash’… Continue Reading →

Simple Home-Surveillance with OpenCV, C++ and Raspberry Pi

Image processing can get pretty compute power consuming… I wrote earlier a post on video surveillance using Python (see this post) – it works good and the neat thing is the Flask application that allows you to stream your video… Continue Reading →

Simple Home-Surveillance with OpenCV, Python and Flask on Raspberry Pi

Finally — here is a Python script, that you can use for example in your Raspberry Pi garden sprinkler controller to watch your beautiful garden from anywhere in the world you are and have access permissions… In Part 1 of this Home… Continue Reading →

Installation of TensorFlow on the Raspberry Pi 3 for Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a great and exciting subject in computer science and the recent advances are very promising. The only disadvantage of all current developments is the necessity of having more and more powerful GPUs for the application of artificial… Continue Reading →

Webcam Video Access with OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

First Step is to install OpenCV 3 on your Raspberry Pi. I also prefer Python 3, so will concentrate only on this version in this post. This post of Adrian Rosebrock gives very good guidance on how to install OpenCV… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi and Laptop Sharing WiFi

How about connecting your Raspberry Pi using a LAN (Ethernet) cable to your Laptop and using the Laptop’s internet access? This would for example allow you to install stuff on your Pi without having an internet dongle for the Pi…. Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi and Laptop LAN (Ethernet) Connection

Are you planning to put your Raspberry Pi in some cool system that operates outside on the field – maybe a drone?? Or are you on a trip where you don’t have access to a monitor, extra keyboard and mouse?… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Zero Setup with no Monitor

You got an idea for a neat electronic device or invention? It might allow you to start your own company (if you don’t already have one)? But then, adding all the hardware costs could it be really sold for an acceptable price?… Continue Reading →

DIY Raspberry Pi Sprinkler System

[table id=3 column_widths=”50%|50%”/] Why use a Raspberry Pi? I wanted to add one more “zone” to my garden sprinkler system, that means one more separate pvc line that has its own electrically controlled faucet. But… the off-the-shelf sprinkler computer I… Continue Reading →

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